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Industry Insights

20 On-Trend Children’s Brands You Should Know

Childhood is about exploration and learning; kids curiously run around exploring their own self-made fantasy worlds while absorbing, learning and taking in anything they can. Children’s imaginations know no limits and they are eager to discover the ways of the world. A parent’s first priority is to fuel that discovery, learning and education amongst their…

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How Goverre Used NY NOW to Successfully Launch Their Product

Ever wanted a real wine glass instead of a plastic cup at an outdoor venue? GOVERRE meets that need! Created by Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher, this fun new product line allows adults to enjoy their wine from a glass in outdoor environments without the fear of breaking or spilling it. The duo debuted their…

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Three Things To Consider When Marketing To Modern Mothers

The topic of HOW to market to moms is always a hot one. In 2017, the continual growth in their spending power, coupled with steady U.S. retail sales, has brands and retailers increasing their marketing efforts in order to capture the dollars spent by this social, mobile and price savvy consumer group. How you “market…

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Why You Simply Must Experience NY NOW

This past market, we talked to brands and buyers about why they call NY NOW their main –– and sometimes only  –– U.S. market. From a buyer perspective, store owners and interior design professionals feel that NY NOW is the go-to market to find the latest and best products in home decor, gifts and design….

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2017–2018: The Interior Design & Decor Trends You Must Know

From black, blue and white to unique mixes of metals, the interior design trends that we began to see come to market in Spring 2016, made their full force debut this February in almost every collection found at NY NOW. From a design perspective, brands and designers are ushering in the use of vibrant colors,…

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How to Succeed In Design After A Decade In Business

During this past winter market, long time exhibitor Tina Frey celebrated her 10th year anniversary. From her brand’s beginning, NY NOW has been the only U.S. market that she showcases her product line with and we are honored to have her.  We sat down with her to understand where she began and how she has…

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Download The 2017 Winter Market Trend Report

The NY NOW® Winter 2017 market was spectacular. Yet again, buyers from around the globe came to find what was new, next and would resonate with their customers’ tastes. This season seemed to represent a turning point in product design. Everywhere we looked, we saw a new focus on sophistication and refinement. Greater sophistication has…

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Are You Using Instagram’s Features?

NY NOW created The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest and Instagram Advertising to help you navigate the growing world of paid social advertising. Since that guide’s original launch, Instagram has grown in many ways and the number of Instagram users has grown to over 700 million. Instagram has rolled out many new features that can help retailers continue…

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4 New Pinterest Features You’ll Be Using in 2017

In 2016, Pinterest reached 150 million users; the latest research shows that three-in-ten Americans use the platform, of which 70% are women. For retailers, Pinterest continues to offer the ability to engage and delight current customers through discoveries, as well as create opportunities to find new ones. In 2015, NY NOW created The Ultimate Guide…

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NEW RESEARCH: 3 Fashion Accessories Trends Buyers Need To Know

DOWNLOAD NY NOW’S CONSUMER RESEARCH SURVEY From the tabletops of Southern houses to the vibrantly scented West coast apartments, there is a lot happening in what consumers are purchasing for their homes, their accessories and gifts for family and friends. As many of you may have seen, NY NOW partnered with Gifts & Decor magazine…

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