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Buyer engagement tips from our experts

Buyer relations

As you prepare for an important first quarter sales cycle, here are some tips to maximize your exposure and secure sales with retailers during your NY NOW market.

  • Engage in a strong pre- and post-show marketing campaign across as many advertising channels as possible. Include all social media, tele-marketing, trade advertising, and snail mail. Invite your existing customers as well as prospects to visit your booth. #NYNOW
  • Let VIP retailers know you participate in the VIP $ program, complimentary signage is available by completing this form.
  • Maximize your exposure to be “matched” with retailers based on the products they are seeking, be sure to complete/update your presence within the Market Planner!
  • Get creative – have compelling incentives to drive in booth sales; lower minimums, free or discounted shipping, offer free displays with product when possible, new customer discounts, volume order discounts, and suggest dating orders for later delivery.
  • Utilize the Lead Retrieval system you can rent on-site. This tool is designed to maximize booth traffic and makes follow up a breeze.
  • Make sure your booth number is clearly visible! When retailers walk an aisle based on their walking list it is often based on booth number chronological order first – followed by company name second. Many exhibitors make the mistake of relying on company name only so have your booth number visible.
  • Open up that dialog and learn what the retailers demographics and price points as well as what their store vision is before you start to sell them that latest trend that does not translate to their objectives.
  • Speaking of trends – absolutely make sure you know your competition. If an item is a trend in the marketplace there will be other vendors offering similar products. What sets your product apart? Price, quality, design? Identify your key advantages over the competition so you can sell to your advantage.
  • Made in the USA? Adhering to stringent sustainable business practices? Put a sign in your booth “Made in the USA” and make it easy for retailers to identify you among hundreds of booths.
  • Walk the show yourself. How do you stack up against your competition? Is your booth display as stellar and eye catching to catch that 30 seconds a retailer is walking down the aisle? Did you maximize the space and utilize it to best showcase your line? Use colorful blow-up posters of your product and make sure your displays are creative and eye catching.
  • Follow up with all attendees after the market in order to increase your ROI. If you use the Lead Retrieval device your follow up will be categorized, prioritized and more clear to execute.
  • Be sure to review all educational content related to vendors here at and have a great show.

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